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Company News information May 17, 2023

The 2023 First Quarterly Meeting of Henan SRON Silo Engineering Co., Ltd. Culminated Successfully

On May 12th, Henan SRON Silo Engineering Co., Ltd. organized a first quarterly summary meeting. The theme of this meeting was "seizing the market, implementing strictly, establishing mechanisms, and fully opening up firepower to promote the company to a new level". The general manager of the company, Wen Peng, and employees from the headquarters in Zhengzhou participated in this meeting.
At the meeting, General Manager Wen Peng summarized performance of the whole company and each department in the first quarter, pointing out that in the first quarter of work, all SRON staffs have always adhered to the corporate culture and development concept, constantly strengthened the sense of crisis, forward-looking awareness, improved execution, and realized the linkage and win-win situation between the company and external resources by virtue of safe, reliable and professional products and services. Finally, Mr. Wen encouraged everyone to take advantage of the momentum, actively seize the market, strictly implement the company's strategic policy, promote the company's business goals to a new level, fight to win the battle in the second quarter, and forge ahead to complete the annual goal!
Yang Gongxiao, chief engineer of the technology department, reported on the project implementation and bidding achievements in the first quarter, as well as the scientific research and innovation work. Yang said that in the first quarter, the winning rate of domestic and foreign bidding projects increased significantly, projects under implementation are progressing steadily, and the declaration of scientific research projects has exceeded the company's stated goals, and I hope that everyone will continue to work hard to create more value for the company 
In the work report, Chen Zifan, the manager of the Business department, introduced the company's first-quarter order transactions and follow-up progress of high-quality projects, emphasizing that the company has formed a good reputation and competitive advantages in domestic and foreign markets, which have played a positive role in promoting the expansion of the company's overseas business.
Finally, the conference awarded such as "Best Newcomer Award", "Excellent Employee Award", "Sales Champion Award", "Domestic Business Pioneer Award" and "All Staff Contribution Award" in the first quarter. It brought the whole meeting to a climax, and it was also the clarion call to advance towards the sales target for the second quarter.

The year of 2023 is destined to be an extraordinary year. SRON STAFF will push the company to a new level with courage, concentration and full firepower, create high-quality projects with ingenuity, build an internationally renowned brand with strength, and realize corporate vision "To be an international respected brand in the field of world bulk materials storage and transportation "!
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