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Silo System Solution for Bulk Material Storage and Transportation
Sand Aggregate Industry
The selection of sand aggregate production line is an important part of modern aggregate production. The production line consists of three systems: ore receiving hopper, crushing and screening, and finished product storage. SRON provides customers with professional sand aggregate station system solutions.
Ore Receiving Hopper
The ore is sent into the ore receiving hopper by a truck or a loader, and a vibrating feeder is provided at the bottom of the receiving hopper to send the raw material ore into the crusher for crushing. The ore receiving hopper adopts underground or semi-underground welding type hopper, which is usually designed to be square or rectangular, the ore receiving hopper volume meets the load weight of not less than 2 ore carrying trucks due to its high structure strength, and special wear-resistant lining plate is installed on the inner wall of the hopper, fully adapting to the bulk ore unloading impact, high hardness ore impact, abrasion and other harsh conditions.
Intermediate Buffer Silo
In order to adjust the production imbalance caused by the different production capacity, or for the needs of subsequent crushing process, it is necessary to set a buffer silo in front of the crusher. The buffer silo can be cylindrical or square to satisfy the 10-15min production storage time. A special wear-resistant lining plate is installed in the cone of the buffer silo to bear the abrasion of unloading ore on the cone. A bar valve is installed at the bottom of silo for cutting off the material flow during equipment maintenance. The cone angle is designed according to the material characteristics, and the pneumatic arch breaking hammer, air cannon and other anti-blocking equipment are equipped in the cone.
Finished Product Silo and Distribution
The finished product silo is used for the storage and distribution of finished sandstone. The storage time of the sandstone finished product silo: usually the finished product silo capacity can meet 12h production reserves. Finished product silo is circular, and can be arranged in a row. According to customers' different needs and reserves, the finished product silo can be welded steel silo, bolted steel silo or spiral steel silo. It can also be equipped with bucket elevator, belt conveyor, dust collector, bulk loading machine and other equipment according to customers' needs, to provide customers with system solutions.
Typical process layout
Finished Silo and Distribution
Ore Receiving Hopper
Large welded steel silo
Large Welded Steel Silo
Spiral steel silo
Spiral Steel Silo
Large bolted steel silo
Large Bolted Steel Silo
Small bolted steel silo
Small Bolted Steel Silo
Our vision is to be international respected brand in the field of bulk materials storage and transportation field; Technology builds the beauty of project is our product and service principles; High-standard, globalized and to be an internationalized brand are our business philosophy.
Engineering Consultation
Engineering Design
Equipment Manufacturing
Project Construction
Installation Debugging
Operation Management
Grouped Equipment
Tgd-Type Wire Belt Bucket Elevator
TGD-type wire belt bucket elevator
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Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor
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Dust Collector
Dust collector
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Automobile Bulk Loading
Automobile bulk loading
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We have built projects in more than 30 countries and regions, with more than 900 sets of steel silos and up to 3 million tons of materials storage capacities.
spiral steel silo
Baowu 3x5,000T Steel Slag Powder Steel Silos Project
The project is a domestic project undertaken by SRON. It is 3 sets of spiral steel silos with a total storage capacity of 15,000t for the storage and disposal of steel slag powder at BAOWU Wuhan Metal Resources Limited Company
Material: Steel Slag Powder
Reserves: 15,000 tons
Silo type: Spiral steel silo
cement steel silo
Indonesia 2x3,000T Cement Steel Silo Project for SIG
This is a cement transfer project, of which the owner is SIG, the largest cement producer in Indonesia.
Material: Cement
Reserves: 2x3000 tons
Silo type: Spiral silo
Mixing system
South Korea Slag Cement Mixing System for POSCO
This is a POSCO Group slag cement mixing project contracted by SRON. This project is an overseas EPC general contracting project. The design, supply and construction of the project are all completed by our company.
Materials: Slag powder, cement
Reserves: Slag (1000 tons)/cement (3000 tons)
Silo type: Spiral silo, Bolted silo
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