Material Handling System
SRON provides systems and full process services for feeding, discharging, conveying, mixing, dust removal, weighing, packaging, loading, etc. in conjunction with silo storage.
Silo Storage System Material Handling System Intelligent Control System
Dynamic Metering And Mixing System
Dynamic metering and mixing system is used to accurately weigh the amount of materials in the continuous production process and send the bulk materials to the mixer for mixing.
Coriolis force scale
Coriolis Force Scale
Coriolis force scale adopts non-contact measuring, it can get the mass flow rate of powder by detecting the torque on the main axis of measuring panel of Coriolis force generated when powder is moving from inside to outside.
Belt scale
Belt Scale
Belt scale is an ideal equipment mounted on the belt conveyor for continuous measurement of bulk materials. It has the advantages of simple structure, accurate measurement, stable operation, easy operation and small maintenance. It is not only suitable for conventional environment, but also suitable for acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion environment.
Rotor quantitative feeding scale
Rotor Quantitative Feeding Scale
Rotor quantitative feeding scale consists of powder quantitative feeder, ring balance rotor scale, air locking device and microcomputer control. 
Horizontal mixer
Horizontal Mixer
Horizontal mixer is applicable to mixing dry plaster, cement, binder, filling materials, refractory materials, gypsum products, insulating materials, building chemicals, feed and fillers.
Vertical mixer
Vertical Mixer
Vertical mixer can make dry-mixing of all kinds of powder, widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical industry, livestock and aquaculture and other industries.
Cement Industry
In each section of cement plant, storage and transportation system plays a decisive role. For example, raw material homogenization and transportation, clinker storage and transportation, as well as finished cement storage, conveying and distribution. SRON provides bulk material storage and transportation system solutions for cement plant customers.
Cement Industry
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Thermal Power Industry
Fly ash is produced with the combustion of pulverized coal in thermal power plant, which will pollute the environment if it is not treated properly. Recovery and utilization of fly ash can avoid environmental pollution and increase economic benefits. SRON provides customers with fly ash storage, transportation and separation systems, and professional solutions.
Thermal Power Industry
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Bulk Material Stockyard
Bulk material stockyard is the main form of bulk material storage, which can be divided into strip stockyard, spherical stockyard and high cylinder wall warehouse according to the different storage structures.
Bulk Material Stockyard
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