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Silo Storage System
SRON is committed to providing solutions of steel silo system, closed stockyard system, wharf bulk materials loading and unloading system etc. and EPC general contracting services.
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Silo System
Silos can be used to store all kinds of bulk materials. They are often used in cement plants, thermal power plants, grinding stations, transfer terminals and other industries because of their durability, low cost, high degree of automation and wide application range.
Cement Silo
Cement Silo
Cement production enterprises need store cement to balance the supply and demand of cement in low and peak seasons for cement production.
Silo Type: Welded steel silo,Spiral steel silo
Application: Cement plants, cement transfer centers, concrete mixing plants, etc.
Clinker Silo
Clinker Silo
Clinker silo is one of the important structures in cement plants. Due to the different plant sizes, single silo storage capacity ranges from 2000t to 50,000t
Silo Type: Spiral steel silo,Welded steel silo
Application: Cement mill plant, clinker transit center
Fly ash silo
Fly Ash Silo
Fly ash can be used in the production of building materials, and its recycling can reduce pollution and increase economic benefits. Therefore, the storage of fly ash is crucial.
Silo Type: Welded steel silo
Application: Power station, fly ash transit center, concrete batching plant
Pulverized coal steel silo
Pulverized Coal Steel Silo
Compared with raw coal, pulverized coal has a smaller particle size, a larger surface area, and a certain level of explosiveness.
Silo Type: Welded steel silo
Application: Power plants
Alumina steel silo
Alumina Steel Silo
Alumina powder is produced through the Bayer process and is primarily used in the production of electrolytic aluminum, ceramics, and refractory materials. It is a white powder with good fluidity and low density.
Silo Type: Spiral steel silo
Application: Ceramics, medicine, electronics, machinery and other industries
Ore powder steel silo
Ore Powder Steel Silo
The ore powder silo is primarily utilized for storing phosphate rock powder, kaolin, feldspar powder, slag powder, limestone powder, iron concentrate, and other materials.
Silo Type: Spiral steel silo,Bolted Steel Silo
Application: Construction materials, metallurgy, chemical and construction industries
Plastic particle steel silo
Plastic Particle Steel Silo
Plastic Particle Steel Silo is primarily utilized for storing plastic particles such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, ABS, and nylon.
Silo Type: Bolted steel silo
Application: Construction materials, chemical industry, machinery industry, etc.
Cement Industry
In each section of cement plant, storage and transportation system plays a decisive role. For example, raw material homogenization and transportation, clinker storage and transportation, as well as finished cement storage, conveying and distribution. SRON provides bulk material storage and transportation system solutions for cement plant customers.
Cement Industry
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Thermal Power Industry
Fly ash is produced with the combustion of pulverized coal in thermal power plant, which will pollute the environment if it is not treated properly. Recovery and utilization of fly ash can avoid environmental pollution and increase economic benefits. SRON provides customers with fly ash storage, transportation and separation systems, and professional solutions.
Thermal Power Industry
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Bulk Material Stockyard
Bulk material stockyard is the main form of bulk material storage, which can be divided into strip stockyard, spherical stockyard and high cylinder wall warehouse according to the different storage structures.
Bulk Material Stockyard
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