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Alumina Steel Silo

Alumina powder is produced through the Bayer process and is primarily used in the production of electrolytic aluminum, ceramics, and refractory materials. It is a white powder with good fluidity and low density.

Due to the challenges of long transportation distances, overflow, and blockages associated with alumina powder, SRON has developed sealed chutes, a material transportation detection system, and an unmanned system.

Alumina steel silo
Alumina steel silo
Alumina steel silo
Alumina steel silo
Alumina steel silo
Alumina steel silo
Alumina steel silo
Alumina steel silo

Silo Storage in Alumina Plant: Alumina undergoes calcination and cooling in a roasting furnace before being stored in an alumina silo via an air chute and bucket elevator. Aluminum is discharged from the silo into bulk trucks or bagged using a ton-packing machine, then transported to the electrolytic aluminum plant by car. Silo storage capacity in alumina plants typically ranges from 0.5 to 3 million tons.

Storage of Fresh Alumina in Electrolytic Plant: Electrolytic aluminum plants usually establish a warehouse for fresh alumina or a large silo for storing fresh alumina. Bulk material from tankers is conveyed into the fresh alumina silo, while bagged alumina is transferred into the silo via a belt conveyor after opening the bags. Fresh alumina is then pneumatically conveyed from the silo to the fresh alumina silo or the fluorine-containing alumina silo in the electrolytic workshop. The storage capacity of a large fresh alumina silo in an electrolytic plant is typically around 10,000 tons.

Electrolytic Fresh Alumina Silo, Fluorine-Containing Alumina Silo: Fresh alumina from the silo outlet is transported to the flue gas purification system through an air chute. After absorbing fluorine, it becomes fluorine-containing alumina and is transferred to the fluorine-containing alumina silo using an air chute and hoist. The fluorine-containing alumina is discharged from the silo and transported to each electrolytic tank for electrolysis via an air chute. The storage capacity of a single fresh alumina silo and fluorine-containing alumina silo near the electrolytic workshop is about 2000 tons.

Structural Safety
Selection of the suitable silo type and steel structure based on different application scenarios. Modeling and calculation of silo structure to ensure its safety.
High Quality
The steel structure undergoes shot blasting treatment and meets ISO spraying standards, ensuring excellent corrosion resistance.
Good Performance
Excellent sealing performance, long service life, and overall reliability.
Low investment, short construction period, and high discharge rate.
Safe Structural Design
3D Display
Smooth Discharge System
Precision Manufacturing
Outstanding Performance
Intelligent Control
Large welded steel silo
Large Welded Steel Silo
Spiral steel silo
Spiral Steel Silo
Large bolted steel silo
Large Bolted Steel Silo
Small bolted steel silo
Small Bolted Steel Silo
Engineering Consultation
Engineering Design
Equipment Manufacturing
Project Construction
Installation Debugging
Operation Management
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