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SRON provides comprehensive bulk material storage and transportation project planning, consulting, design, construction, operation and other services
Project Consulting
In the early stage of the project, SRON can provide consulting services for project construction according to the actual needs of customers, including project feasibility study, project return on investment analysis, project business plan, project survey services, etc., and provide specific and targeted consulting schemes, suggestions and specific implementation measures in accordance with the individual needs of customers, to win the competitive advantages of operation and improve the chances of success and comprehensive benefits of projects for customers.
Project feasibility study
Project return on investment analysis
Project business plan
Project survey services
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Engineering Design
SRON holds the industrial building design certificate and has a professional engineers team with specialties of technology, structure, civil engineering, electrical, intelligence, water supply and drainage, etc. SRON can provide comprehensive engineering design services and a full set of construction drawings for the construction of silo and bulk material storage and transportation engineering projects. Meanwhile, SRON has rich experience in overseas engineering design, it is able to provide targeted engineering design solutions according to the differences in the standard systems implemented in the owner's country.
Comprehensive engineering design services
Provide targeted engineering design solutions
3D Diagram
3D Diagram
Safety Analysis Diagram
Design Engineer Team
Technical Support
SRON can provide customers with technical services in silo and bulk material storage and transportation industry engineering field. Whether it is the technical support of a new factory, the technical problems of an existing factory, or the technical transformation or upgrading of an existing factory, we will provide professional advice and solutions for your business.
Technical support for new factory
Solving technical problems in an existing factory
Technical transformation or upgrading of an existing factory
Procurement Agent
SRON has rich project experience and a large and mature professional supplier system at home and abroad since it has been in the field of bulk material storage and transportation for many years. SRON has a deep cooperative relationship with many domestic top10 professional equipment brands and international famous brands in China, and has established a complete set of supplier evaluation, supervision and management system, so we can provide customers with professional equipment procurement services, and save the purchase cost for customers in the premise of ensuring the performance and quality of equipment.
Components Customizing and Processing
SRON has production and manufacturing bases, advanced production lines and sophisticated equipment, with an annual manufacturing capacity of 30,000 tons. So we are able to undertake design and customizing and processing business of all kinds of non-standard parts, special-shaped parts and steel structure components, which can be processed according to the drawings, or be designed according to the requirements of the owner, ensuring the quality of components.
Customized products can be provided according to drawings or customer requirements
Ensuring the quality of components
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Installation and Commissioning
SRON has a professional installation and commissioning team.
Specialties of SRON’s professional engineers team covers structure, technology, machinery, electrical, construction, etc. In the stage of construction and installation, SRON’s project manager and professional engineers will form an expert team, and SRON will send an experienced construction team to the project site to independently complete the installation, commissioning and delivery of the project, or provide guidance for the installation and commissioning of the project.
SRON’s installation team will provide various service supports for business, including construction design, engineering construction scheme, drawing inspection and submission, stage project acceptance and inspection, project supervision etc. While ensuring the accurate installation of all equipment and systems, SRON will also improve the working efficiency of the owner's construction team, reasonably shorten the construction period and reduce construction costs.
After the installation of each set of equipment and system, SRON team will carry out single equipment debugging, linkage debugging and load debugging to ensure the normal operation of the single equipment and ensure that the operation of process systems meet the design requirements.

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Accessories Supply
The original accessories are the key elements to keep the equipment efficient operation and long service life. SRON provides customers with complete models of equipment accessories, to ensure that each accessory will play its best performance in the operation of the equipment. Accessories of SRON have advantages of good quality, mature technology and durability. At the same time, SRON ensures sufficient accessories inventory and provides fast delivery procedures. Even if only one phone call from the customer, we will quickly respond and deliver the goods in time to reduce the waiting time of the customer.
SRON can provide customers with comprehensive, professional and detailed systematic training by remote communication or dispatching technicians to site to better meet the requirements for project plant equipment operation. In the later stage of training, during the actual operation of the owner's technical personnel, our training engineers will continue to follow up the project operation process to ensure the orderly and continuous production of the customer's factory. Also, SRON will effectively reduce equipment shutdown probability and failure rate to satisfy customers.
Breaking the traditional idea of providing equipment and guidance of installation and construction, SRON has the ability to provide services and management for the owners in the whole process and professional field of the project, from the traditional project feasibility study, engineering design, procurement, processing and supply, project construction, to the comprehensive service upgrading of the whole life cycle of project operation.

After the completion of construction and commissioning, SRON can send professional operators to the plant, to carry out long-time operation and management of complete sets of systems put into production by the owner, including daily inspection, regular maintenance and other services to ensure the systems are in sustained, efficient and safe operation.
Financial Support
SRON has in-depth cooperation with many international financing companies and international financial institutions at home and abroad so as to provide financing services for customers for specific projects. We can help customers solve the problem of shortage of funds for project construction, especially for projects with a certain scale, so that customers can obtain more financing channels, speed up  implementation of projects and promote project construction process.
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