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Silo System Solution for Bulk Material Storage and Transportation
Loading Station
In the ore, coal, cement and other industries, transfer loading of bulk materials is completed in the mine, wharf or railway station. Loading station can realize rapid and quantitative loading.
Mine Loading Station
Mine loading station is composed of feeding belt, buffer silo, rapid loading chute, gate, monitoring system, hydraulic system, water mist dust suppression system, dust removal system and electrical control system. According to different needs of customers, SRON rapid loading system can be configured with single lane, two-lane and other loading station systems, which has high loading efficiency, with instantaneous loading capacity of 1t/s. The water mist dust suppression in the loading process, achieves efficient and environmental loading operation, bringing economic benefits to customers.
Wharf Loading Station
Wharf loading station is used for loading coal and ore unloaded from ships into trucks. After ship unloading, the materials are discharged into the dust-free hopper, and then transported to the loading station through a belt conveyor. The loading station is equipped with a bulk loader and the top of the station is equipped with a dust collector. According to different needs of customers, wharf loading station can be designed as single lane or multi-lane, and the loading capacity of single lane wharf loading station is 600t/h. SRON wharf loading station has simple process, low height, and low construction and operation cost, also, it can be designed according to customers’ needs.
Train Loading Station
Rapid and quantitative loading system is used for rapid and quantitative loading of trains. It is the most advanced coal, ore and bulk materials railway loading method which can realize continuous, dynamic, rapid, quantitative and accurate loading of trains by batching in quantitative silo in advance according to standard weight, and then unloading them quickly to the moving train. SRON rapid and quantitative loading system can complete loading operation in the process of train moving, loading speed is less than 45 seconds per carriage, measurement accuracy is high, single loading accuracy can reach 0.1%, and the whole train loading accuracy can reach ±0.05%.
Typical process layout
Train Loading Station
Mine Loading Station
Large welded steel silo
Large Welded Steel Silo
Spiral steel silo
Spiral Steel Silo
Large bolted steel silo
Large Bolted Steel Silo
Small bolted steel silo
Small Bolted Steel Silo
Our vision is to be international respected brand in the field of bulk materials storage and transportation field; Technology builds the beauty of project is our product and service principles; High-standard, globalized and to be an internationalized brand are our business philosophy.
Engineering Consultation
Engineering Design
Equipment Manufacturing
Project Construction
Installation Debugging
Operation Management
Grouped Equipment
Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor
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Dust Collector
Dust collector
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Rapid & Quantitative Truck Loading System
Rapid & Quantitative Truck Loading System
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Unattended Intelligent Loading and Weighing System
Unattended intelligent weighing system
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We have built projects in more than 30 countries and regions, with more than 900 sets of steel silos and up to 3 million tons of materials storage capacities.
Welded cement silo
6x10,000T Welded Clinker Silo System for San Miguel Corporation
This project is San Miguel Corporation, Davao, the Philippines 10x10000 tons steel silos system contracted by SRON. Among which, there are six clinker steel silos.
Material: Clinker
Reserves: 60,000 tons
Silo Type: Large welded steel silo
Spiral cement silo
Indonesia 6,000T Cement Steel Silo Project for SIG
This is a cement transfer project, of which the owner is SIG, the largest cement producer in Indonesia.
Material: Cement
Reserves: 6000 tons
Silo type: Spiral silo
spiral steel silo
Baowu 3x5,000T Steel Slag Powder Steel Silos Project
The project is a domestic project undertaken by SRON. It is 3 sets of spiral steel silos with a total storage capacity of 15,000t for the storage and disposal of steel slag powder at BAOWU Wuhan Metal Resources Limited Company
Material: Steel Slag Powder
Reserves: 15,000 tons
Silo type: Spiral steel silo
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