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Silo System Solution for Bulk Material Storage and Transportation
Concrete Mixing Station
Concrete mixing station is a building material manufacturing equipment composed of mixing host, material weighing system, material conveying system, storage system, control system and other ancillary facilities. It can make concrete which is put into construction and production as building materials, by mixing cement, sand, lime and other raw materials.
Powder Storage
Powdery raw materials such as cement, fly ash, slag powder, expansion agent, etc., are stored in silo. Powder silo is composed of silo body, silo roof dust collector, pressure safety valve, material level indicator, flow-assisted air cushion, manual butterfly valve, inspection ladder, feeding pipe and so on. SRON powder silo adopts bolted steel silo which has a diameter of 2.9-8.2m and a storage capacity of 100-1000t. It is applicable to mixing plants of various sizes. The powder silo and its supporting steel structure adopt bolted structure, which is convenient to install, occupies a small area and has low construction cost.
Mixing Station Batching Station
Concrete batching station is used in the production of concrete mixing station, for weighing and mixing various materials such as sand and stone. It is used together with other metering and mixing stations to form automatic and semi-automatic mixing stations. SRON batching station adopts modular design, so it can match more than three kinds of materials, and effectively ensure the accuracy of cement, sand, stone mix ratio through electronic weighing system. It is applicable to precast concrete components factory, civil building construction, all kinds of mortar mixing plant, brick factory and other fields.
Mixing System
Mixing system can mix the measured sand, cement, water, admixture and other raw materials according to a certain ratio through the mixer, for centralized mixing and the supply of fresh concrete. According to the mixing volume and different needs of customers, there are double horizontal shafts concrete mixer, vertical shaft forced mixer, floor drum mixer and other types. SRON mixing system has the advantages of uniform mixing, short mixing time, long service life of parts, easy installation, low construction cost, easy operation and maintenance.
Typical process layout
Powder Storage
Mixing System
Large welded steel silo
Large Welded Steel Silo
Spiral steel silo
Spiral Steel Silo
Large bolted steel silo
Large Bolted Steel Silo
Small bolted steel silo
Small Bolted Steel Silo
Our vision is to be international respected brand in the field of bulk materials storage and transportation field; Technology builds the beauty of project is our product and service principles; High-standard, globalized and to be an internationalized brand are our business philosophy.
Engineering Consultation
Engineering Design
Equipment Manufacturing
Project Construction
Installation Debugging
Operation Management
Grouped Equipment
Dust Collector
Dust collector
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Radar Level Meter
Radar level meter
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Weighing Module
Weighing module
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Automobile Bulk Loading
Automobile bulk loading
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We have built projects in more than 30 countries and regions, with more than 900 sets of steel silos and up to 3 million tons of materials storage capacities.
Mixing system
South Korea Slag Cement Mixing System for POSCO
This is a POSCO Group slag cement mixing project contracted by SRON. This project is an overseas EPC general contracting project. The design, supply and construction of the project are all completed by our company.
Materials: Slag powder, cement
Reserves: Slag (1000 tons)/cement (3000 tons)
Silo type: Spiral silo, Bolted silo
Dynamic metering system
Dynamic Metering System for Silo Storage System
Dynamic metering system is a system for accurately weighing and controlling material quantity in continuous production process. It is also a necessary equipment in the mixing system.
Material: Slag powder, cement
Reserves: Slag (1000 tons) / cement (3000 tons)
Silo type: Spiral silo
cement steel silo
Indonesia 2x3,000T Cement Steel Silo Project for SIG
This is a cement transfer project, of which the owner is SIG, the largest cement producer in Indonesia.
Material: Cement
Reserves: 2x3000 tons
Silo type: Spiral silo
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