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Silo Storage System
SRON is committed to providing solutions of steel silo system, closed stockyard system, wharf bulk materials loading and unloading system etc. and EPC general contracting services.
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Silo Types
According to different construction methods and storage capacity requirements, silos can be divided into welded steel silo, spiral steel silo, bolted steel silo, concrete silo and other types.
Large welded steel silo
Large Welded Steel Silo
The large welded steel silo, primarily constructed of steel, is a silo type independently developed in the continuous evolution of the national steel silo industry. It is suitable for storing bulk materials such as cement, clinker, and fly ash.
Capacity: 1000T-10000T
Spiral steel silo
Spiral Steel Silo
Spiral silo refers to a silo constructed by spiraling the steel plate with a certain width into the rolling equipment during construction.
Capacity: 100T-7000T
Large bolted steel silo
Large Bolted Steel Silo
Bolted steel silo is a new type of silo. After undergoing modular production, processing, and molding, components of the steel silo are transported to the construction site, assembled, and connected by bolts, enabling it to be put into use.
Capacity: 1000T-50000T
Small bolted steel silo
Small Bolted Steel Silo
Small bolted steel silos are suitable for concrete mixing plants, small processing plants, small construction sites, and temporary works.
Capacity: 50T-2000T
Concrete silo
Concrete Silo
Concrete silos are constructed with cast-in-place reinforced concrete structures, representing a traditional and mature silo type.
Capacity: Max.20,000T
Cement Industry
In each section of cement plant, storage and transportation system plays a decisive role. For example, raw material homogenization and transportation, clinker storage and transportation, as well as finished cement storage, conveying and distribution. SRON provides bulk material storage and transportation system solutions for cement plant customers.
Cement Industry
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Thermal Power Industry
Fly ash is produced with the combustion of pulverized coal in thermal power plant, which will pollute the environment if it is not treated properly. Recovery and utilization of fly ash can avoid environmental pollution and increase economic benefits. SRON provides customers with fly ash storage, transportation and separation systems, and professional solutions.
Thermal Power Industry
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Bulk Material Stockyard
Bulk material stockyard is the main form of bulk material storage, which can be divided into strip stockyard, spherical stockyard and high cylinder wall warehouse according to the different storage structures.
Bulk Material Stockyard
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