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China leading EPC contactor for bulk materials storage and transportation projects
Industry News information Nov 11, 2022

SRON was invited to attend the China-Russia ( Moscow ) Business Forum

To promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation between China and Russia, on November 8, the China-Russia electro-mechanical  Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow jointly held the online 2022 China-Russia ( Moscow ) Business Forum. Mr. Zhang Yujing, President of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electronic Products, and Mr. Smerov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development ministry of Moscow, delivered keynote speeches. The forum reached an important consensus on the current cooperation between Chinese and Russian enterprises in the engineering and electro-mechanical field, and Russia also welcomed Chinese enterprises to actively invest in Russia.
As a representative enterprise in the field of domestic bulk storage and transportation engineering, SRON was invited to participate in this meeting. In recent years, SRON attaches great importance to the Russian market and actively participates in project cooperation in the Russian market. As a national high-tech enterprise integrating design, processing and manufacturing, construction and installation, and technical services, SRON is recognized by the local mining and grain storage enterprises by virtue of advanced and reliable bulk storage and transportation equipment system, as well as professional and rigorous work attitude. Our company will make greater contributions to the development of China-Russia economic cooperation through further advantages consolidation and innovation.
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