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Silo Technology information Feb 18, 2022

Advantages of Large Bolted Cement Silo

Large bolted cement silo is a new product independently innovated and developed by our company to adapt to the construction difficulties of overseas projects under the influence of the epidemic. As the epidemic situation worsens, the overseas projects are limited by insufficient overseas construction personnel, difficulty of export transportation of goods, inconvenient project commencement and so on. Our company’s technical personnel made an innovative design based on the traditional bolted cement silo. After the components of the bolted silo are processed and manufactured in factory through modular production mode, they are transported to the construction site, then they are connected and assembled with bolts for use. This type of bolted silo has obtained 3 national invention patents for its advanced technologies and reliability.

1. Large cement silo capacity. 
Compared with small bolted cement silos which mostly have a capacity of hundreds of tons, the maximum diameter of the new bolted steel silo can reach to 40m, and cement silo capacity is 50,000m³, meeting requirements of various large engineering projects.

2. Safe and reliable cement silo design. 
The simulation and optimization design of large bolted cement silo is carried out with structural calculation software such as ANSYS and STAAD. The internal force effect of bolted joints and envelope value on the joints are calculated separately and verified by the calculation software for obtaining the best combination according to the results, so as to ensure structural safety and high quality stability. 

3. Low silos construction cost. 
Silos cost is low due to their lighter weight and less material consumption. In addition, this kind of bolted cement silo can be directly assembled with bolts on site without need of electric welding or gas welding operation during the installation process, thus reducing the labor installation cost.  

4. Bolted cement silo has short construction period and long service life. 
After wall panels are overlapped or folded, bolted silo is connected by high-strength galvanized bolts, with sealing strip or sealant embedded in the middle, so that the silo has good air tightness. After anti-corrosion and heat insulation treatment, bolted silo can have a service life of about 50 years. It only takes a few days to complete silo construction for its easy installation and simple construction, helping the owner to quickly put it into use and withdraw funds.

5. Bolted silo is detachable. 
Bolted cement silo is easier to carry out partial disassembly, replacement, transformation, and relocation to meet the requirements of enterprise development and market, and further improve efficiency.

The construction process of large bolted cement silo includes: construction of civil foundation - production and installation of silo roof - assembly of silo body panels – derusting and anti-corrosion of silo body - back-filling in silo - installation of gasification, discharging, and electrical automation equipment. Bolted silo can be widely used in large factories such as cement plants, power plants, docks, and grinding stations. Based on the advantages of large cement silo capacity, unique cement silo design and low silos cost, this kind of bolted silo has a good market application prospect. 
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