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Silo Technology information Mar 03, 2022

Cement Clinker Silo for Sale -- SRON Silo Engineering

Cement clinker silo function
Clinker storage silo is needed to store a certain amount of clinker in order to ensure a balanced production between cement rotary kiln and cement ball mill, as well as to control the quality of cement, and it serves the following purposes.
1. Cooling clinker out from the rotary kiln. Generally, the temperature of clinker out from cooler is high, may be as high as 200-300℃ in some plants, and even large pieces of clinker are still red inside. If it directly enters into ball mill, the temperature in the mill will increase, the mill body may expand when it is heated and produce pressure on bearings, and mill lubrication my also be affected when it is overheated, which is detrimental to the safe operation of the mill. The high temperature inside  ball mill will reduce the mill capacity and cause excessive gypsum dehydration, resulting in abnormal cement setting times.
2. Improving the quality of clinker and improving the ease of grinding. The clinker from the kiln often contains a certain amount of free calcium oxide, which can absorb some of the water vapour in the air during clinker storage period and dissolve into calcium hydroxide, thus improving the stability of the cement and improving the ease of grinding of the clinker.
3. Clinker silo helps to control the quality of cement. The clinker from kiln can be stored in piles according to its quality, and mixed when it is used in order to keep the quality of the cement stable.
Clinker is generally stored in clinker storage silo. Its storage time is mainly determined by the capacity of kiln and mill, the temperature of the clinker out from cooler and the available conditions in a plant. Clinker is stored for about 5-7 days in most plants.

Clinker storage silo design -- Shape and size of large clinker silo structure
Advanced clinker silo design: with patented scientific silo design concepts for the shape and internal structure, clinker silo structure is unique: clinker silo body is cylindrical, clinker silo roof and bottom are spherical and its foundation is a round platform barrel type. The diameter of clinker silo body can be designed from 6 to 80 meters, and it also can be increased for special requirements. The ratio of height to diameter is generally between 1:1 and 1:1.5. Silo wall is made of butt-welded steel plates; the semi-circular silo roof is formed by the structural design of shaped steel and the combination of several arch-shaped beams, and it has reliable load-bearing capacity for the reasonable architectural structure. The shape of clinker silo bottom is concave, and its design parameters vary under different climatic conditions and geological formations.

While promoting the application of large clinker storage silo, our company has also developed cement, mineral powder, fly ash, sand, gravel and aggregate storage silos, which not only reduce investment and eliminate environmental pollution, but also save a lot of land for construction.
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