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Silo Technology information Jan 28, 2022

Differences Between Horizontal Cement Silo and Vertical Cement Silo

Cement storage silo, an important supporting equipment for the concrete mixing plant and the stabilized soil mixing plant, can be divided into horizontal cement silo and vertical cement silo. The two cement storage silos are quite different in shape, material, height and cement silo capacity in tons. The former is a horizontal cuboid, and its silo body material is U-steel, support leg material is square steel, and its support leg is obviously lower in height than the vertical ones. The shape of the latter is a cone, and the steel plate used in the silo body and round legs are higher. Both of them are widely used in building construction, and both have advantages and disadvantages.
Horizontal cement silo 
Horizontal cement silo capacity in tons includes: 10t, 20t, 30t, 40t, 50t, 60t, 70t, 80t, 90t, 100t, 150t, and 200t etc. Horizontal cement silo is an integrated cement silo.
Horizontal cement silo is also called horizontal cement tank, which is welded by container plate, with high strength and good airtight. The cement storage silo is equipped with vibration motor for smooth discharging and avoiding cement arching. The discharging outlet of the silo is equipped with manual butterfly valves which is convenient for maintenance and material discharging screw conveyor. On the top of silo roof, there are dust collector to prevent dust pollution and arch breaking device to break the arch generated by materials accumulation. The cooperated use of horizontal cement silo and screw conveying pump helps to transport materials to every designated position, and this kind of cement storage silo is easy to install and is an ideal cement storage silo in mixing station.

Vertical cement silo
Compared with horizontal cement storage silo, before the installation of vertical cement storage silo, a firm foundation shall be prepared. And its long installation period make it not suitable for the construction place where silo need to be moved frequently. The transportation of horizontal cement silo is inconvenient, sometimes you need to transport bulk components to site and make onsite welding and assembly due to the restriction of road condition. This kind of silo can not be recycled.
Vertical cement silo is higher than horizontal cement storage silo, so the silo shall be wind-proof and thunder-proof. And this kind of silo is unavailable in some places where the height is restricted. In addition, when the vertical cement silo is fully loaded, its center of gravity is high, so it cannot be equipped with a weighing system so that the accurate weight of cement in silo can not be reflected.

Horizontal cement storage silo and vertical cement storage silo also have something in common, for example, both of the two kinds of cement storage silo can be used to store cement, fly ash and other powdery materials, both of them are equipped with
dust collector and safety valves on silo roof, and some of their accessories such as safety valve, upper feeding pipe, level meter etc. have the same functions. You can choose the appropriate cement storage silo based on your actual situations.
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