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Silo Technology information Oct 19, 2023

Precautions for Fly Ash Steel Silo

The fly ash steel silo is a closed storage device used to store fly ash. It has unique characteristics and precautions for use. Next, we will learn about the fly ash steel silo from the structural characteristics, usage precautions and maintenance.
Structural Characteristics
The fly ash steel silo is made of welded steel plates and has the following characteristics:
1. Simple Structure: The fly ash steel silo adopts a modular design, which is easy to install and has a simple and clear structure.
2. Good Sealing: SRON fly ash steel silo adopts patented vacuum sealing technology, and the physical indicators of fly ash quality remain basically unchanged within several months of storage in the silo.
3. Large Storage Capacity: The capacity of the fly ash steel silo can be adjusted as needed to meet the storage needs of different occasions.
4. Strong Durability: The fly ash steel silo can be treated with anti-corrosion treatment and has good durability and corrosion resistance.
Precautions for Use
1. Reasonable Layout: The fly ash steel silo should be arranged on a solid and flat foundation to prevent the silo from deforming or tilting.
2. Safe Operation: When performing loading and unloading operations, relevant safety operating procedures should be followed to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.
3. Avoid Overloading: The fly ash steel silo should avoid exceeding its design capacity during use to avoid rupture or deformation of the silo.
4. Prevent Moisture Intrusion: Fly ash has certain hygroscopicity. In order to prevent moisture from invading the silo, the silo should be kept sealed as much as possible and moisture-proof treatment should be carried out regularly.
5.Regular Inspection: Regularly inspect the fly ash steel silo, including the silo body, operating equipment, auxiliary equipment, etc., and repair or replace problems in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
1. Cleaning and Maintenance: Regularly clean the dust and debris in the fly ash steel silo to keep the silo clean and tidy to prevent dust accumulation from causing safety hazards.
2. Coating Maintenance: The coating of the fly ash steel silo is an important protective layer against corrosion and should be inspected and maintained regularly. If the coating is found to be damaged or corroded, it should be repaired or replaced in time.
3. Seal Inspection: Regularly check the sealing performance of the fly ash steel silo to ensure that the materials in the silo will not leak out and avoid environmental pollution.
4. Regular Lubrication: The operating equipment and transmission components of the fly ash steel silo should be lubricated regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend its service life.
The fly ash steel silo has the characteristics of simple structure, good sealing, large storage capacity and strong durability. However, during use, it is necessary to pay attention to matters such as reasonable layout, safe operation and avoiding overloading. At the same time, regular maintenance is also an important part of ensuring the normal operation of the fly ash steel silo. By strengthening the attention and maintenance of the fly ash steel silo, we can ensure its long-term stable and safe operation, improve work efficiency and extend its service life.
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