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Silo Technology information Apr 10, 2024

Why safe storage of plastic pellets is so important

The Reason for Safe Storage of Plastic Pellets
Management costs: Plastic pellets are a valuable resource whose price and supply are affected by the market. Through safe storage, waste and loss of plastic pellets can be avoided and storage costs reduced.
Maintain quality: The quality of plastic pellets is easily affected by factors such as moisture, oxidation, and pollution. Safe storage ensures that plastic pellets are not affected by external conditions and maintain their quality and performance.
Prevent accidents and fires: Plastic pellets are flammable and prone to fires under improper storage conditions. Safe storage reduces unnecessary fires and other accidents.
The Following Measures can be Taken to Achieve Safe Storage of Plastic Particles:
Choose appropriate storage equipment: Use storage equipment with moisture-proof, waterproof, fire-proof and other characteristics, such as aluminum silos, steel silos, plastic storage tanks, etc., to ensure that plastic pellets are not affected by moisture and fire during storage.
Maintain a dry environment: Plastic pellets easily absorb moisture, so the storage environment needs to be kept dry. Dehumidifiers, dehumidification devices, ventilation facilities and other measures can be used to control humidity to prevent particles from clumping and deteriorating due to moisture.
Proper temperature control: Plastic pellets are sensitive to temperature, and excessive temperatures can cause the pellets to deform, melt, or volatilize harmful substances. Therefore, the storage temperature and humidity and other indicators should be detected and controlled during the storage process to avoid the adverse effects of plastic pellets caused by changes in temperature and humidity. This control can timely detect the status of the aluminum silo through the temperature measurement device and ventilation device in the aluminum silo, and adjust the storage environment. For harsher external environments, temperature adjustment equipment can be equipped.
Prevent foreign matter from being mixed in: During the storage process, pay attention to prevent debris, dust, foreign matter, etc. from being mixed into the plastic pellets. Equipment such as filters and screens can be used for filtration and screening to ensure the purity of plastic pellets.
Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly check the sealing performance, fire protection performance and integrity of protective measures of storage equipment, discover and repair problems in a timely manner, and ensure the safe storage of plastic pellets.
Security management of storage areas: Strictly manage the entrances and exits of storage areas to ensure that only authorized personnel enter. And take anti-theft, fire prevention and other safety measures to ensure the safety of plastic pellets.
To sum up, aluminum silo storage is one of the best ways to store plastic pellets. The following are the advantages of using aluminum silos for storage.
Advantages of Storing Plastic Pellets in Steel Silos:
Strong pressure resistance: The aluminum silo has high strength and rigidity and can withstand high pressure to prevent the impact of external pressure on plastic pellets. This is critical to maintaining the integrity and quality of plastic pellets.
Moisture-proof and waterproof: The aluminum silo adopts a moisture-proof and waterproof design, which can effectively prevent the penetration of moisture and avoid moisture absorption of plastic pellets, thus ensuring its performance and quality.
Good fire resistance: The aluminum silo has good fire resistance and can effectively prevent damage to plastic pellets in fire accidents.
Convenient management and operation: The aluminum silo has the characteristics of simple structure, stability and reliability, which is convenient for storing, inspecting and transporting plastic pellets, and is convenient for managers to operate and manage.
Corrosion resistance: The aluminum silo also has good corrosion resistance for some chemically corrosive plastic pellets, which can ensure that the plastic pellets are not damaged by chemical substances during storage.
Reusable: The aluminum silo has a long service life, and the bolted silo can be disassembled and assembled to facilitate movement and reuse between different sites.
Good purity: The interior of the aluminum silo is relatively airtight, which can effectively block dust, foreign matter and other impurities in the storage environment from entering, and maintain the purity of the plastic particles.
Good economy: Compared with traditional storage methods such as room-type warehouses or concrete silos, it has obvious economic advantages.
Selection of Steel Silo Types and Models
Plastic pellets are generally stored in aluminum silos or galvanized steel silos. The choice of aluminum silos or galvanized steel silos depends on the quantity and characteristics of the plastic pellets stored. Usually, the following factors need to be considered when selecting plastic pellet silo: capacity, protective performance, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, compliance, etc.
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