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Pneumatic Conveying System

Project introduction
Pneumatic conveying is a common conveying method in industrial silo projects. The system layout is flexible, and it is especially suitable for the situation that has space limitation and is not conducive to the layout of conventional conveying equipment. Also, it is easy to achieve multi-point feeding and discharging.
In this project, three sets of long-distance pneumatic conveying systems are designed according to the customer's requirements, which are used to send different kinds of plastic particles from three different locations to the designated injection molding workshop.

Project advantages
1.High space utilization rate.
2.Multi-point feeding saves equipment investment.
3.The whole conveying process is in a sealed pipeline to prevent contamination of raw materials.

Equipment configuration
Square silo, pneumatic conveying system, rotary unloader, roots blower
Project Overview
Material: Plastic Particles
Conveying Distance: up to 160m
Conveying Form: Positive-Pressure Pneumatic Conveying System
Capacity: 1000 kg/h
Sand Aggregate Industry
The selection of sand aggregate production line is an important part of modern aggregate production. The production line consists of three systems: ore receiving hopper, crushing and screening, and finished product storage. SRON provides customers with professional sand aggregate station system solutions.
Sand Aggregate Industry
Large storage capacity
Durability and weather resistance
Efficient material handling
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Bulk Material Stockyard
Bulk material stockyard is the main form of bulk material storage, which can be divided into strip stockyard, spherical stockyard and high cylinder wall warehouse according to the different storage structures.
Bulk Material Stockyard
Low cost
Short construction period
Good homogenization effect and easy expansion
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Powder Grinding Station
Power grinding station is an indispensable device in powder production line, which is used to grind limestone, slag, steel slag, fly ash and so on into fine powder. It is widely used in high-quality cement mixing, large volume concrete and commercial concrete mixing station, high performance concrete, marine engineering, wharf, reservoir, tunnel engineering and so on.
Powder grinding station
Compact layout, strong adaptability,
Short construction period, and low investment cost,
Realizing customer’s benefits to the maximum extent
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