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Company News information Aug 25, 2022

Experts from Sinoma(Tianjin) Visited the Headquarter of Sron Company for Exchanges

On August 16th, Director Li Shun, Director Ma Debao, and structural experts Dr. Chen Shihu and Yang Zhenkun of SINOMA(TIANJIN)visited headquarter of Henan SRON Silo Engineering Co., Ltd. for exchanges and investigation. Wen Peng, general manager, Yang Gongxiao, chief technical engineer, and other senior executives of SRON company warmly received the delegation of experts from SINOMA(TIANJIN), and the two sides carried out in-depth technical discussions and cooperation exchanges.
At the symposium, General Manager Mr.Wen extended a warm welcome to the experts from SINOMA(TIANJIN), and briefly introduced the general development situation, relevant engineering technology research and domestic and foreign business development of SRON Company in recent years. He said that due to the impact of the epidemic on international engineering construction, the bolted steel silo with convenient and simple construction is currently the first choice for the owners of international bulk material storage and transportation projects. In the field of bolted steel silos, SRON has come to the forefront of the industry in terms of technical research and industrial applications. In the future, SRON hopes to cooperate with SINOMA(TIANJIN)in in-depth technical research, industrial lean development and other aspects to expand business development in related fields.
Director Li Shun introduced the technological research and technological achievements of SINOMA(TIANJIN) on bolted steel silos in cement and building material industry. The engineers of both parties had an in-depth exchanges and discussions on structural form and structure calculation of bolted steel silo, engineering design, silo sealing performance and the bolts connection of the funnel and the ring beam under American or European standard, project construction management, and concrete project cases. The two sides reached a basic consensus on cooperation methods in this field and related fields of bulk material storage and transportation engineering projects, and agreed to propose a long-term cooperation mechanism to jointly promote the development and research of cutting-edge technologies in this field, as well as cooperation and interaction in specific projects.
Director Ma Debao said that SRON has strong strength and rich experience in the engineering design, equipment manufacturing and construction management of bulk material storage and transportation engineering systems, and has achieved remarkable engineering performance at home and abroad, and SINOMA(TIANJIN)will further strengthen cooperation and exchanges with SRON company.
Mr. Wen said that SINOMA(TIANJIN)is one of the first major large-scale national backbone industrial design institutes established in China, and is the most powerful Class-A design institute in China's building materials industry. And as the leading institute of engineering design and consultation in the cement industry, it has promoted the continuous improvement of the engineering design and consulting level of China's cement industry. We are full of confidence in the future cooperation between the two parties, and hope that in the future, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages, seize the new opportunities of the national strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative, and jointly contribute to the global development of China's bulk material storage and transportation technology and equipment with the support of innovation.
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