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Company News information Aug 12, 2022

Project Progress: Construction Record of Baosteel 3*5,000t Steel Slag Powder Silos Project

The BAOSTEEL 3*5000t steel slag powder project contracted by our company is three sets of newly built spiral steel silos required by Baosteel Environmental Resource and Technology Wuhan Metal Resources Co., Ltd., with a total reserve of 15000t, which are used for storage and disposal of steel slag powder. The project is located in Wuhan, and mainly includes facilities such as galvanized spiral steel silos, auxiliary steel structure, silo roof oblique closed corridors, dust collector brackets, dust collector platform, enclosed color steel sheets and other facilities which are mainly mechanized construction.

On July 5, 2022, the BAOSTEEL steel slag powder silo project of SRON Company started smoothly
In early July 2022, the BAOSTEEL steel slag powder silo project started smoothly. For more than a month, the leadership team and construction technicians with the project manager of SRON as the core have been working hard on the front line of the project. The company's technology, equipment, materials, logistics and other aspects fully cooperate to ensure the project construction. 

SRON company construction site "five cards and one map"  
In terms of project management, SRON implements refined process management. Before construction, it has prepared construction plan in terms of safety, quality, technology, equipment, etc., and established an efficient internal communication and coordination mechanism. At the same time, the project department comprehensively organized and carried out epidemic prevention and control work and took relevant measures to ensure the efficient completion of construction schedules. 

The project manager gave safety education to the labor team at the morning meeting

The project manager regularly conducts technical disclosure, safety training and work communication with front-line laborers

The project team strictly implements temperature measurement, disinfection and other epidemic prevention and control measures every day 
During the construction process, SRON’s workers expressed the concept of "Technology builds the beauty of project". They accurately debug every equipment, build every steel structure, tighten every screw, and weld every weld joint. The construction process keeps improving, scientific and reasonable, and fully demonstrates the overall control strength of SRON on the construction of the project. 

Correction and installation of work base

Measurement of steel silo circumference

Installation and welding of steel ring under silo roof

Workers weld the column of the silo body

 Measurement of stiffener roof thickness, accurate to 0.1mm

Completion of silo roof construction
The professionalism and efficiency, as well as the excellent technical level displayed by SRON’s project team, have been praised and highly appraised by the project owner for many times, laying the foundation for the follow-up cooperation.

The owner's project manager visited the site and highly recognized SRON's construction quality and efficiency

The project department regularly communicates with the owner about the progress of the project every week
Thanks to the efficient, scientific and reasonable construction plan and the unremitting efforts of all the staff of the project department, the construction progress of the project has been continuously refreshed: on July 23, the No. 1 and No. 2 steel silos were completed and landed, 3 days ahead of the planned construction period; on August 10, the No. 3 steel silo was completed and landed, 4 days ahead of the planned schedule. According to the current progress, the project is expected to be commissioned and delivered on August 20, 10 days ahead of the original contract period.  

Completion of silo body construction
 As the leading general contractor of bulk material storage and transportation projects in China, SRON company takes every project seriously, strictly controls the quality, safety, progress and other aspects, and strives to fully display the company's excellent technical design and project construction management capabilities, so as to make every project of SRON to be a high-quality project and a model project. At present, the staff of BAOSTEEL project department of SRON are working hard so as to ensure this project will be a domestic model project in bulk material storage and transportation field.
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