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Company News information Apr 12, 2024

SRON Company "CHN Energy Baotou Energy Coal Storage Yard EPC General Contracting Project " was Officially Started

Recently, CHN ENERGY Baotou Energy coal storage yard EPC general contracting project constructed by Henan SRON Silo Engineering Co., Ltd. officially started.The project belongs to EPC general contracting construction project, including civil foundation, steel structure, fully-closed upper silo tape machine, fully-closed coal storage silo, quantitative loading system, electric control system, with backstage control of unmanned automatic loading and no-dust-pollution loading function.
The project owner, CHN ENERGY Baotou Energy Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CHN ENERGY Investment Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "CHN ENERGY"), which is a centralized backbone energy enterprise and one of the world's top 500 enterprises, and has strict selection criteria for participating enterprises. In the end, our company, with rich experience and good reputation, stood out from many competing companies and successfully won the bidding for CHN ENERGY Baotou Energy coal storage yard EPC general contracting project.

Since the beginning of the project, our company has attached great importance to it. Not only did we formulate the project schedule target, cost target, safety management target and quality control target before the project started, but also set up the project department and signed the target responsibility letter of the project manager, which effectively realized the target control of the project. At the same time, the project manager led the project staff to prepare the construction organization design, developed a construction schedule and schedule assurance measures, sub-parts of the project construction program and measures, quality assurance measures, safety measures, civilized construction and environmental protection and other measures, and in the organization of safety education before the start of construction, technical briefing, key considerations, training, and a variety of measures to ensure that the project started smoothly.
In addition, our project team in the construction process strictly implement the construction safety management regulations, construction quality inspection regulations, on-site civilized construction management regulations, construction progress control and feedback regulations and other company project management rules and regulations, and through the installation of remote cameras in the construction site, to achieve real-time dynamic tracking of the project progress and implementation of the purpose, for the high quality of the project to land has laid a solid foundation. Up to now, the project has completed the construction and acceptance of foundation beams and columns, which has been highly recognized by the owner.

In the future, SRON will continue to adhere to the core values of "Achieve Clients' success, Lead the technology, People first, Build for values, Practical and progressive.", refine preventive measures, strengthen safety supervision, focus on the nodes to promote the degree of excellence and quality, strive to make CHN ENERGY Baotou Energy coal storage yard EPC general contracting project a "model project" and "high-quality project", and contribute to the high-quality development of CHN ENERGY.
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