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Company News information Mar 30, 2024

Mr. Wen Peng, Chairman of SRON, and his delegation visited CSCEC Egypt Branch

Recently, Mr. Wen Peng, Chairman of SRON, and his delegation visited China State Construction Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “CSCEC”) Egypt Branch, and had a discussion with Mr. Chang Weicai, President of the Egyptian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of CSCEC Egypt Branch, and reached a consensus on the expansion of business of Chinese enterprises overseas and the construction of the “The Belt and Road”.Mr. Wang Zhenfang, Deputy General Manager of CSCEC Egypt Branch, and Mr. Yang Qiming, Marketing Director of CSCEC Egypt Branch, attended the meeting.
Mr. Chang Weicai, Chairman of CSCEC Egypt Branch, welcomed the arrival of Mr. Wen Peng and his delegation, and introduced the construction situation of the CBD Project of New Administrative Capital of Egypt (hereinafter referred to as the " Egyptian New Administrative Capital CBD Project"), which was contracted by CSCEC. He said that, this project was signed under the promotion and witness of the heads of state of China and Egypt, with a project amount of 3.8 billion US dollars, which is the largest construction project signed by Chinese enterprises in Egypt at present, and is a testimony of the friendship between China and Egypt. Mr. Chang Weicai emphasized that CSCEC Egypt Branch will continue to carry forward the spirit of "Loyalty and Commitment, Mission Accomplished", improve safety and quality management, build the project into a landmark model project of “The Belt and Road”, and polish CSCEC's brand with high-quality construction and high-efficiency fulfillment brand of CSCEC.
Mr. Wen Peng, Chairman of SRON, highly affirmed Egyptian New Administrative Capital CBD Project, and pointed out that the CSCEC spirit is a major reason for the influence of Chinese engineering brands overseas. He said it coincides with the development concept of SRON. As a private enterprise with “Specialization,Refinement,Differentiation and Innovation” in the field of bulk material storage and transportation in China, SRON responds to the national strategy of “The Belt and Road”, participates in international bidding and international market competition, and has contracted engineering projects in more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Russia, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Rwanda, Iraq, Pakistan, Ecuador and other countries and regions, and has gained favorable comments from customers at home and abroad.In the future, SRON will continue to take the road of “Specialization,Refinement,Differentiation and Innovation”, further deepen the practical cooperation with the central enterprises, form the development of synergy, and jointly promote the central enterprises as the platform for the core industry to “strengthen and expand the industry chain”, in order to promote the common "going abroad" of Chinese enterprises. We will contribute to the promotion of Chinese enterprises' "overseas development" together and internationalized brand building, and the construction of the “The Belt and Road” high-quality development.
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