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Silo Technology information Aug 18, 2022

How to Extend the Service Life of Steel Silos?

Steel Silos are storage for storing grains, materials, slag powder, fly ash and other granular and powdered products. The storage silo structure is cylindrical, and its main structure is welded by steel plates, steel structure foundations or reinforced concrete foundations (raft foundations). As a new type of material storage equipment, many companies now like to use it to store materials. So after the steel silo is put into use, how to maintain the steel silo and prolong the service life of it?
The first thing we should pay attention to is the construction of the steel silo. If there is no solid and safe construction foundation, no amount of maintenance will be useless. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety, you must find a professional steel silo manufacturer to develop, design and produce steel silo to ensure your own interests! 
1. Always check whether the silo wall of the steel silo is deformed, and pay attention to strengthening the bolt connection of the silo wall. If the bolts are found to be dropped, they should be replaced in time.  
2. After unloading and emptying the steel silo, check the tightness in the silo, and whether the door frame and the adjacent side panels are deformed or cracked. If any abnormal situation is found, take appropriate corrective measures in time. In addition, check whether there is any abnormality in the connection part of the cone and handle it.  
3. If it is found that there are welding deformations, welding cracks, etc., it is necessary to temporarily stop the feeding to prevent unexpected situations.  
4. In addition, check the silo roof once a month, check whether the tension ring, process hole or bolt connection part on the silo roof is missing, loose or damaged.  
5. Also check whether there is corrosion on the surface. If corrosion is found, report it immediately and start a solution.  
6. There is a straight ladder on the outside of the steel silo. Users also need to regularly check the installation bolts of the straight ladder to detect whether they are loose and avoid potential safety hazards.
The steel silo is responsible for ensuring the stability of material storage. Therefore, the maintenance of steel silos is also a very important task. Problems found cannot be ignored, especially the inspection of the welds. If the weld deformation is found, it should be corrected and repaired in time. Corrosive places should also be treated with anti-corrosion in time. Avoid big accidents due to the neglect of small problems.

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