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Silo Technology information May 25, 2023

Why Choose Steel Silo to Store Alumina Powder?

Introduction to Alumina Powder
Alumina powder is white, odorless and tasteless, reliable in organic chemistry, high in purity, and good in dielectric strength. It is also known as bauxite (mainly composed of alumina) in mining, pottery and materials science. With the rapid development of electrolytic aluminum, ceramics, medicine, electronics, machinery and other industries, there is still a large room for growth in the market demand for alumina, and the output of alumina will also continue to increase. In addition to the above-mentioned industries, alumina is also widely used in different fields such as aerospace industry, automobile industry, semiconductor industry, etc. The large demand for alumina has brought a lot of alumina transactions to the international market. Therefore, how to store and transport alumina powder safely and properly has become a concern of many alumina powder manufacturers and buyers.
Precautions During Storage and Transportation of Alumina Powder

1.Alumina powder should be stored in a cool, sealed, dry and well-ventilated silo.
2.The storage location should be away from fire and heat sources, and suitable materials should be prepared to contain the leakage.
3.It should be stored separately from the oxidizing agent and should not be stored together.
4.The packaging should be complete and the loading should be safe at the time of shipment.
5.During transportation, ensure that there is no leakage, no collapse, no fall, and no damage.
6.Avoid exposure to sunlight and rain during storage and transportation.
Reasons for Choosing Steel Silos to Store Alumina

The storage of alumina powder requires sealed, dry and well-ventilated conditions. When loading and unloading, ensure that storage equipment is not leaked or damaged. Traditional bag storage cannot meet the above conditions and may cause environmental pollution. However, steel silos (
welded steel silos and spiral steel silos) can realize the safe storage of alumina powder and are widely used. SRON alumina silo system includes steel silos and supporting auxiliary equipment, built for the storage and transportation of alumina, and is widely used in alumina plant, aluminum ingot factories, refractory material factories, ceramic melting block factories, etc.
Low Initial Investment: Due to the adoption of various patented technologies, it can save about 50%of building material and more than 60% of land.
Short Construction Period: SRON's welded steel silos and spiral silos have a short construction period, which can help clients to put into use and recoup funds quickly.
Good Air Tightness: SRON Steel Silos adopt patent technology of vacuum sealing, the physical indexes of alumina quality are basically unchanged within several months of storage inside silo.
Long Service Life: With the standard maintenance,service life of steel silo can be up to 30-50 years.
Energy Saving and Environmental Protection: Patented dust removal technology is used in the process of alumina feeding and discharging, which will not cause pollution to the surrounding environment.
Light Weight: The silo has low weight,which greatly reduces the load and cost of the foundation structure.
Matters Needing Attention When Using Steel Silo to Store Alumina Powder

1.Compared with traditional storage materials, alumina has better fluidity, so the hoop force on the bottom of the steel silo is relatively large, and the rigidity of the plate is required to be higher.
2.In the process of alumina transportation and storage, in order to avoid the impact of alumina segregation on the electrolytic cell, the roof of alumina silo needs to adopt a top distribution device to reduce the segregation effect caused by the natural accumulation of alumina.
3.Before alumina powder is used in smelting, it is stored in storage silos where levels must be monitored to ensure operations remain optimal.
4.When the alumina is stored for a long time, part of alumina stays at the bottom of steel silo, resulting in compaction and blockage. SRON has rich experience in the design and operation of alumina silos, ensuring that the unloading rate of alumina silos is above 95%, ensuring smooth discharge of alumina.
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