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Silo Technology information Jul 11, 2022

How to Operate the Aggregate Steel Silo Correctly and Safely

Before feeding material into silo
Have a careful inspection on all parts of the aggregate steel silo before operation. The inspection items include: open and close feeding inlet on the top of silo, open and close the access door on silo wall, check the position of cleaner and the switch of manual valve (electric valve) at the bottom of silo, and check whether the temperature-measuring cables are fastened, whether the cable plug of cleaner and the flat iron of the air net are tilted and whether there are impurities inside silo. Report to the central control room after inspection.
Trial loading
Material shall be loaded into silo with several times. The loading quantity of material for each time can be 50%, 20%, 20% and 10%, or 60%, 30% and 10% in sequence. In addition, after material is loaded into silo each time, it should be allowed to stand for a period of time, and the standing time after two times of loading shall not be less than 1 month, and the standing time after next loading shall not be less than 2 months. 
Choose the right silo, close the valve and outlet on the bottom of silo, open the valve on the top of silo, and then stat up feeding equipment. Material will enter into silo through the valve on silo roof vertically which can avoid material in silo tilting and rubbing silo wall. Stop loading material when material level alarms, and systems will automatically stop when material height reaches to the highest allowable position which may prevent material from overflowing. 
Storage of material
Have a regular inspection on material during material storage period. Silo wall is susceptible to temperature due to its thin wall and good thermal conductivity, so temperature inside silo is high in summer which may cause hardening and coking of material. We can know about the temperature inside silo through temperature-monitoring cables and start up aeration system when temperature is high. 
Material discharging stage: switch silo bottom electric valve according to actual needs.
Silo cleaning stage: close valves before the start-up of cleaner, and only open central valve when cleaning silo. Working personnel is required for assistance.
Have an inspection after the cleaning of silo: close valves on the bottom and top of silo and plugs of temperature-monitoring cables, check whether the ventilation network and flat iron are damaged and whether there are impurities inside silo, close silo door and discharging outlet.
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