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Silo Technology information Aug 04, 2022

Maintenance and Precautions for Steel Silos

Daily Inspection and Maintenance of Storage Steel Silo 
Overhaul and maintenance of steel silo roof  
1. Regularly check whether the storage siloroof cover is in good condition, and whether the fastening bolts are loose, and regularly inspect the steel silo roof platform to prevent leakage of the feed hole, platform plate, rainproof ring, and rust spots on the surface of the components. If there are rust spots, they should be dealt with in time.  Regularly inspect the overall
welded storage silo roof and the welding seam of the steel silo roof, and determine the necessary anti-corrosion treatment according to the inspection situation.
2.Regularly check the appearance of corrosion and leakage of process holes (including ventilation holes, manholes, temperature measurement holes, seats, etc.)
Storage silo body overhaul and maintenance  
1.Every time the steel silo is filled or emptied, it is necessary to check whether the silo wall is deformed, and the sensitive parts such as the outriggers and other parts should be observed carefully, and the inspection records should be archived. Check the rust of the storage silo wall every year, and carry out anti-corrosion treatment on the storage silo wall according to the inspection situation.
2.After each storage silo is empty, the silo body should be checked to see if the silo door is well sealed, whether there is cracking around the silo door, and check the connection between the reinforcing ribs and the silo wall. If it is a cone-bottom silo, the rooting part of the cone should be inspected, and the cone should be treated with anti-corrosion or other treatments according to the inspection situation.
3.Carry out anti-loosening inspection on the installation bolts of the straight ladder every year, and check whether the materials used are damaged, and carry out anti-corrosion or other treatments according to the inspection conditions.

Precautions for Normal Use of Steel Silos
1. The user should send a special worker to manage the steel silo. According to the relevant storage regulations, the temperature and humidity of the materials in the storage silo should be checked during use. According to the nature and storage time of the stored materials, necessary preventive measures (such as cooling, dumping, etc.) should be taken to ensure the safe storage of various materials.
2. It is strictly forbidden to add additional facilities and loads to the steel silo without authorization.
3. Strictly prevent dust explosion when working with open fire in the silo. 
4. Pay attention to the self-tightness inspection of the
conveying equipment, gate valves and other facilities used in the steel silo, and the rainproof inspection of the connection with the steel silo to prevent rainwater from entering the steel silo from this link, causing the materials in the storage steel silo to deteriorate. 
5. When the cement clinker is loaded into the
cement silo, it should not exceed 85°C. If the temperature is too high, it will easily cause the deformation of the storage silo body and cause unsafe factors. 
6. When the gas is transported and loaded in the
fly ash steel silo, the pressure should not exceed 10-12kg. It is necessary to ensure that the air holes on the top of the silo are unobstructed. If dust is found in the air holes, it should be cleaned in time, and dust should not be accumulated in the filter cloth. 
7. Eccentric loading and eccentric unloading are not allowed during use, and it is strictly forbidden to directly open holes in the silo wall to discharge materials.
8. Regularly check whether the ventilation holes on the top of the silo are unblocked, and it is strictly forbidden to generate excessive air pressure in the silo. 
9. Before the arrival of the rainy season every year, the construction party should carefully check the anti-corrosion situation of the steel silo and conduct regular anti-corrosion treatment.

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