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Silo Technology information Oct 25, 2022

Safety Precautions for Steel Silo

The birth of steel silo has brought about historic changes to the human society. More and more enterprises have given up the original traditional concrete silo, and choose to use new steel silos to store materials. Compared with the traditional concrete silo, the advantages of the steel silo are more obvious. It not only has a large capacity and a high space, but also adopts an advanced design of loading and unloading materials, and can also be customized according to the actual needs of clients. With the popularization and wide-scale use of steel silos, the safety of steel silos has become more and more important, so today we will take a look at the precautions for the safety of steel silos!
Steel silo is like a building, the deeper the foundation, the more stable the whole. For example, in the strong wind or earthquake and other adverse natural factors, the deeper the foundation of the steel storage silo, the more stable the overall. Usually, the land contains a lot of impurities, such as stone, silt, sand, etc., their composition is different, so the bearing capacity is different. Then the different bearing capacity may cause the storage silo to tilt or collapse. Before building a silo, we will calculate the corresponding bearing capacity, wind load, etc. according to the actual use requirements to ensure the safety of the silo. Therefore, in order to stabilize the foundation of steel silo, mainly through the way of piling to solve. Pile driving is generally divided into cast-in-place pile and precast pile. 
In order to extend the service life of the steel silo, we often do the following work:
1. It is necessary to carefully observe some mechanical equipment of the steel silo, and regularly add the right amount of lubricating oil between the mechanical bearings. Before work, mechanical equipment should be done idle operation, we also called debugging machine.
2. It is necessary to regularly observe whether there is water in the ingredients bucket of steel silo. If found, do remember to deal with it in time and do not be lazy. In addition, the water pump, water tank and water pipe should be carefully cleaned to avoid freezing when the temperature is too low.
3. Steel silo is made of steel plates, because it is often placed outdoors, exposed to the atmosphere, it will be corroded by the acid and alkali composition in the atmosphere. Therefore, it is also important to check whether the steel silo is anti-corrosive regularly. See if there are any defects in the paint brushing, and whether the thickness and lubrication degree are up to the standard.
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