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Silo Technology information Apr 23, 2023

Spiral Steel Silo - The Best Choice for Storing Slag Powder

Introduction of Slag Powder
Slag powder is the abbreviation of granulated blast furnace slag powder. It is ground from slag in steel plants or mineral processing plants. The surface of the slag particles is smooth and dense, and has high potential activity. Under the action of the activator, it can combine with water to form a hydraulic gelling material. Slag powder is an important additive for cement and concrete, which can reduce the amount of cement, save costs, reduce concrete hydrothermal heating and improve concrete strength, and is widely used in construction and other industries. Due to its low cost and high strength, many enterprises and factories choose to buy slag powder in large quantities, but how to store slag powder to keep it in the best condition during storage has become the most concerned issue of these businesses.
Storage of Slag Powder 
Slag powder needs to be stored in a dry environment, pay attention to moisture and water. Whether slag powder is used to produce slag cement or as a concrete additive, a separate
slag powder storage silo should be set up for slag powder. Considering economic benefits, compared with concrete silo, steel silo is the best choice. Among them, spiral steel silo is the most commonly used and economical steel structure for storing slag powder. Spiral steel silo is a form of steel silo that uses a special processing method to connect the spiral undercut of the silo wall. Spiral steel silo has the functions of receiving, storing, unloading, and reversing the granular objects, and plays a role in balancing the production process, ensuring continuous production, saving manpower, and improving the degree of mechanization.
SRON Spiral Steel Silo System
spiral steel silo system includes slag powder silo and slag powder unloading system, bulk truck loader system, dust removal system and other supporting equipment to realize 24/7 automatic operation of slag powder taking, transportation, unloading and metering, making slag powder loading and unloading more efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. SRON spiral steel silo system can meet the storage requirements of strict sealing, silo solidity and scientific arrangement of aeration system to ensure smooth and high unloading rate, and can well protect slag powder under various circumstances.
The Characteristics of Spiral Steel Silo
1.Good Air Tightness and Wide Application
This kind of bite formed by special equipment has excellent sealing performance, can store granular and powdery materials, and can meet the technological requirements of fumigation and insecticide. It has been maturely applied in the fields of building materials, grain and oil.
2.Moisture-proof and anti-corrosion
Steel silo is made of high-quality galvanized steel, which plays the role of moisture-proof and anti-corrosion. The thickness of the edge of the spiral silo is 5 times that of the edge of the silo shell, which will not leak powder.
3.Short Construction Period and Quick Investment Returns 
On-site construction, the silo roof is installed on the ground, and it is formed by special construction equipment. The bending speed can reach 300m/hour, so the construction period is short, the investment is effective and the production is quick.
4.Small Footprint and Light Weight
The height and diameter of the silo can be selected arbitrarily within a wide range, and the distance between the steel silos is as small as 50 cm, which can make full use of the space. The self-weight of the spiral steel silo is only 1/6 of the
concrete silo with the same volume, which is equivalent to the steel bar weight of the same volume concrete silo, which can greatly reduce the load of the basic structure and the cost of building the silo.
5.High Strength and Long Service Life
The continuous spiral undercut of the steel silo is five times the thickness of the base metal, which greatly enhances the load resistance of the silo and prolongs the service life of the steel silo more reliably. The material of the silo body can be selected according to the requirements of anti-corrosion and grinding strength of the stored materials, and the best ratio of steel plates can be selected, so that its normal service life can reach 20-30 years.

SRON 3*5,000T steel slag powder silos Project In Wuhan In 2022
BAOSTEEL 3*5000t steel slag powder project contracted by SRON is three sets of newly built spiral steel silos required by Baosteel Environmental Resource and Technology Wuhan Metal Resources Co., Ltd., with a total reserve of 15000t, which are used for storage and disposal of steel slag powder. The project is located in Wuhan, and mainly includes facilities such as galvanized spiral steel silos, auxiliary steel structure, silo roof oblique closed corridors, dust collector brackets, dust collector platform, enclosed color steel sheets and other facilities which are mainly mechanized construction.
Before construction, SRON construction team compiled a construction plan in terms of safety, quality, technology, equipment, etc., and established an efficient internal communication and coordination mechanism. During the construction process, SRON’s workers expressed the concept of "Technology builds the beauty of project". They accurately debug every equipment, build every steel structure, tighten every screw, and weld every weld joint. The construction process is refined, scientific and reasonable, which fully demonstrates the overall control strength of SRON on the construction of the project.
Thanks to the efficient, scientific and reasonable construction plan and the unremitting efforts of all the staff of the project department, the project was completed ahead of schedule and delivered smoothly. The professionalism and efficiency, as well as the excellent technical level displayed by SRON’s project team, have been praised and highly appraised by the project owner for many times, laying the foundation for the follow-up cooperation.
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