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Hubei-JUHAI Environment Ceramsite and Phosphogypsum Storage Packaging Project

Project introduction
This project is the Phase II of the silo project of phosphogypsum solid waste industry of Hubei JUHAI Environment, which is the first ceramsite and phosphogypsum storage and packaging engineering project constructed by our company.The project covers screened ceramsite conveying system: 3 ceramsite surge silos, belt conveyor, hoist elevator and supporting equipment; ceramsite conveying and packaging system: 3 ceramsite discharge silos, hoist elevator, belt conveyor, pulse bag dust collector,  bulk loading machine,packaging machine and other equipment; phosphogypsum powder conveying system: inlet piping of 5 phosphogypsum storage silos and outlet piping equipment of 5 phosphogypsum powder silos, etc.;attached steel structure and non-standard parts: working tower and its trestle, corridor, dust collector and other non-standard structures. During the construction of the project, the local high temperature and high humidity climate brought great challenges to the construction progress and quality. In the end, the construction team of SRON overcame the difficulties and ensured that the project was completed successfully.
Project Overview
Material: Phosphogypsum
Silo Type: SSmall welded steel silo
Loading Station
In the ore, coal, cement and other industries, transfer loading of bulk materials is completed in the mine, wharf or railway station. Loading station can realize rapid and quantitative loading.
Loading Station
High loading efficiency
Efficient and environmental
Low construction and operation cost
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Sand Aggregate Industry
The selection of sand aggregate production line is an important part of modern aggregate production. The production line consists of three systems: ore receiving hopper, crushing and screening, and finished product storage. SRON provides customers with professional sand aggregate station system solutions.
Sand Aggregate Industry
Large storage capacity
Durability and weather resistance
Efficient material handling
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Coal Mine
In the process of coal production, the traditional open-air storage of coal, loading of artificial loader are gradually phased out due to serious pollution and low efficiency. SRON provides customers with large coal storage silo, rapid loading system, rapid and quantitative loading system, long distance belt conveyor, and other solutions.
Coal Mine
Stable steel grid structure
Low cost
Large coal storage capacity
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