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Pakistan Thar Coal Loading Station Project

Project introduction
Thar coal field, the seventh largest coal field in the world, has about 175 billion tonnes of raw coal reserves. The Thar coal-power project is a flagship project of the Belt and Road Initiative and the first coal-power integration project in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and even in Pakistan.
The open-pit coal mine in Block II where the project is located is the first project to be completed and put into operation in Thar coalfield. SRON undertook the supply of 2x5000t loading station and supporting facilities. SRON completed the overall engineering design of the project and the structure and construction design of the 2x5000 tons concrete silo and a local company completed construction. Other mechanical and electrical equipment were designed, supplied and installed by SRON.

Project advantages
1.High design standard, and high degree of automation.
2.Dust explosion-proof equipment is adopted for electrical equipment, explosion-proof doors are set on the top of silos, and silo is equipped with safety detection devices such as material level detection, temperature detection, methane detection, CO detection, CO2 detection and hydrogen sulfide detection and other safety detection devices. Safety control system is used to interlock silo inerting system to ensure the safety of silo.

Equipment configuration
Dust collector, belt conveyor, swing loading device, hydraulic system, dry fog dust suppression.
Project overview
Material: Coal
Reserves: 2*5000 tons
Silo Type: Concrete Silo
Design Conditions: Wind Speed: 44m/s, Earthquake Zone: UBC Zone 2B, the overall design meets ATEX dust explosion-proof standards
Chemical Plant
In chemical production, SRON’s wide application in the field of mixing, bag breaking and storage of plastic particles, plastic additives, and particles.
Chemical Plant
Good sealing
Low cost
Good corrosion resistance
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Cement Industry
In each section of cement plant, storage and transportation system plays a decisive role. For example, raw material homogenization and transportation, clinker storage and transportation, as well as finished cement storage, conveying and distribution. SRON provides bulk material storage and transportation system solutions for cement plant customers.
Cement Industry
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Powder Grinding Station
Power grinding station is an indispensable device in powder production line, which is used to grind limestone, slag, steel slag, fly ash and so on into fine powder. It is widely used in high-quality cement mixing, large volume concrete and commercial concrete mixing station, high performance concrete, marine engineering, wharf, reservoir, tunnel engineering and so on.
Powder grinding station
Compact layout, strong adaptability,
Short construction period, and low investment cost,
Realizing customer’s benefits to the maximum extent
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