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South Korea Slag Cement Mixing System for POSCO

Project introduction
This is a POSCO Group slag cement mixing project contracted by SRON. This project is an overseas EPC general contracting project. The design, supply and construction of the project are all completed by our company. The project has passed the completion acceptance smoothly and been put into production.

Process flow
The byproduct -- slag of POSCO iron making factory is ground by the mill to a certain particle size and then sent to 1000t slag silo for temporary storage. The temporary storage silo has the function of bulk distribution that materials can be sold in bulk or transported into mixing buffer silo through conveying equipment and hoist. A rotor scale is equipped at the bottom of the buffer silo, which can quantitatively feed different kinds of materials into the mixer. After being mixed, materials are loaded and distributed through the bulk loading system.

Project advantages
1.Short construction period, low cost, high degree of automation, unattended operation
2.Compact system design and small footprint
3.Meeting the strict noise and dust emission standards of developed countries

Equipment configuration
Spiral silo, dust collector, hoist, mixing system, air chute, metering system, bulk loading system, unattended system
Project Overview
Materials: Slag Powder, Cement
Reserves: Slag (1000T)/Cement (3000T)
Silo Type: Spiral Silo, Bolted Silo
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