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Silo Technology information Feb 16, 2023

Why Choose Welded Steel Silo to Store Cement?

Introduction to Cement
Cement is a powdery hydraulic inorganic gelling material. After adding water and stirring, it becomes a slurry, which can be hardened in air or in water, and can firmly bind sand, stone and other materials together. The concrete made of cemented crushed stone not only has high strength after hardening, but also can resist the erosion of fresh water or salt water. Mortar or concrete made of cement is widely used in civil construction, transportation, water conservancy, electric power, petroleum, chemical engineering and other engineering constructions. It is the basic material for the development of the construction industry, especially steel-concrete buildings, and is called the grain of the construction industry. Many enterprises use a large amount of cement in the production process. Therefore, how to store cement safely and properly has become a concern of many owners.
Precautions When Storing Cement
Cement is an active substance that easily absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide in the air and reduces its quality, so it should be kept well and should not be stored for a long time.
1.When the cement is stored in the warehouse, it should be protected from moisture and rainwater leakage; it should be piled up at one time according to the arrival date of the cement, and it should be stored first and used first; the storage time of cement should not be too long, so as not to affect the strength of cement for a long time.
2.When storing bagged cement, the ground pad should be 30cm away from the ground, and the surrounding walls should be 30cm away from the wall; the bagged cement should not be stacked too high to avoid the lower part of the cement from being compressed and agglomerated;
3.In order to ensure the strength and characteristics of cement, long-term storage of bulk cement should be stored in moisture-proof and leak-proof steel silos, among which
welded steel silos are a good choice.
Reasons for Choosing Welded Steel Silos to Store Cement
Cement is easy to absorb moisture and carbon dioxide in the air, thereby reducing its quality, while the welded steel silo has good airtightness, which can effectively isolate the air and keep the cement in a sealed state, ensuring that the characteristics of the cement will not change. Therefore, welded steel silos are the most common and ideal choice for storing cement materials. The
welded steel silo is assembled and welded at the installation site, all steel or alloys with weldability can be used for the construction of the silo, and the welded steel silo wall can be made of several layers of different materials to meet special storage requirements. Most of the welded steel silos have a large volume and are built on foundations (not overhead foundations). Coupled with its high-strength structure, these characteristics make the welded silos have better bearing capacity for foundation settlement and seismic activity.
1. Large storage capacity: the diameter of the storage silo body is up to 80 meters, and the single storage capacity is 5,000-120,000 tons, which can be increased if there are special needs;
2. Less initial investment: Using SRON multiple patented technologies, it can save about 50% of building materials and more than 60% of land;
3. Good Storage Effect: Due to the good sealing performance of the welded steel silo, the stored cement, fly ash, sand, gravel, aggregate, etc. are in tight air isolation, and the materials are in a vacuum-sealed state, which ensures that the characteristics of the materials do not change.
4. Low Carbon and Environmental Protection: The top of the steel silo is a load-bearing dome, and each silo is equipped with a pulse vibration dust collector, which mainly collects the dust generated when the material is put into the silo, so that the dust emission concentration is below 30mg/m.
5. Short Construction Period and Long Service Life: According to different geological conditions, site environment and capacity, the construction period is usually different, while the construction period of a general welded steel silo is about 4 months, and its service life can be as long as 30-50 years.
6. Advanced unloading: The large-scale welded silo has accumulated the advantages of other steel silos, and designed a new
pneumatic unloading system, which transports the materials in the silo to the designated position by pneumatic pressure. One outlet port is designed for 10,000-50,000 tons steel silo, and four outlet ports are designed for more than 50,000 tons. Using frequency conversion technology, the output volume can reach about 500T/H.
7. Convenient loading: According to different materials and factory conditions, the materials can be stored in silo by
elevator, chute or pneumatic pipeline.
8. Flexible Process Layout: According to the actual situation of the site, it is arranged in various forms. The direction of the discharge corridor and the selection of lifting equipment can be determined according to the actual situation of the site. The layout of the welded steel silo is free and flexible, which can meet various needs of clients.

Design Optimization of Cement Steel Silo:
Avoid Difficulty in Unloading: Well-designed basic waterproof structure, strict foundation treatment requirements, air conveyed by pneumatic and air pressure balance must be strictly dried, and the airtightness of the silo wall must be strictly controlled. And try to make the bottom surface of the unloading corridor above the groundwater level. Design a valve which can stop material unloading when the unloading port fails and it is difficult to discharge, so as to realize the maintenance and replacement of the unloading port. And design a spare emergency unloading device to facilitate silo clearing and deal with difficult unloading failures such as accidental hardening.
Avoid Tilting of the Silo Body: Prioritize the use of rigid ground and rigid foundations to ensure that the incoming materials are evenly stacked, and give priority to the single-point discharge method. Regardless of the discharge method, gravity self-flow should be given priority to the discharge method to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, and pneumatic fluidization discharge should be used as a supplement; sufficient capacity margin should be left in the design of the silo. And consider the stability and strength requirements of the silo body under the extreme condition of material deflection. The silo body should be designed according to the joint action of the three loads of a certain micro-negative pressure, wind load, and internal material deflection storage. Only in this way can it be guaranteed.

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